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I purchased my Acer laptop in February of this year. Last month the hard drive broke so I took it to Dakota PC re warehouse in Sioux City Iowa where I purchased it because I purchase a year warranty beyond the manufacturers 90 day warranty.The were in the midst of a move so they took it and said they'd repair it that Friday. 2 weeks go by and I hear nothing. Turns out they lost it and then found it so it would take more time. When I got it back they fixed the hard drive ut they broke the chassis where the battery is supposed to lock in so now it won't lock, the LCD plastic frame has a crack in it and there are so many scratches that it looks like its 5 years old.

So I took it back for a replacement and the tech (the manager was not there). The tech said that I broke all those things and that I tried to open it. Why the *** would I try to open it if I had a year warranty? I asked her to have the manager call me. She never did. So I called and a salesman gave me the same thing and the manager was still not there. When I did talk to the manager she wouldn't listen to me said they would not replace it and hung up.

The attorney general would not help me I just kept getting the same email over and over. So I try to register with Acer and it is already registered to a reseller. Come to find out they sold me a refurbished computer as new. They told me I had a year warranty with Acer but their warranty was better so I wouldn't have to send it in. So I track down the original refurbisher Teletran System Logistics the company the warranty through Acer is under. They say that Dakota PC shoud have sent it to them first so they can't so anything. I am at a loss I don't know wht to do to get my system replaced. I am so pissed off!

Vanessa Nassif

Monetary Loss: $675.

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